10 Ways To Manage Pain with Physical Therapy

  1. TENS – TENS unit stimulates nerves and produces a massaging and tingling sensation to decrease pain.
  2. Ultrasound – Ultrasound warms deep structures, improves blood flow and flexibility and allows for better stretching. 
  3. Superficial heat or Ice – A hot compress warms superficial structures, decreases muscle spasm and increases blood flow.  Ice- Cold pack decreases redness and swelling and slows down metabolism during acute pain and inflammation. 
  4. Low Level Laser Therapy-Laser therapy increases blood flow, speeds up tissue repair and healing, decreases swelling and inflammation and enhances immune responses. 
  5. Massage with Hot Stones – Massage with Hot Stones relaxes painful muscles and breaks down “knots” and restrictions.  It has an overall soothing effect on the body, increases mood and improves well-being. 
  6. Joint Mobilization and Joint Traction – Joint mobilization and traction help to decrease pain by increasing joint mobility, relaxing nerve endings and decreasing swelling and inflammation. 
  7. Stretching – Regular stretching improves elasticity, increases blood flow, maintains healthy structure of joints and muscles and helps to prevent or slow down arthritic changes. 
  8. Bracing – A brace gives extra support to muscles and joints, especially after injury or surgery and when performing strenuous daily activities.
  9. Exercise – Regular exercise increases muscle strength and joint stability, boosts bone health and helps maintain healthy weight. 
  10. Patient Education – Patient is instructed on proper use of heat or ice, home exercises, proper sleeping and sitting positions and proper lifting techniques.  

Early treatment is the key to recovery and a healthy lifestyle.  At Excel Physical Therapy, we understand your pain.  We have the necessary expertise and equipment to help you heal. For any questions or further information, please contact our expert physical therapists at 718-301-6363 to schedule a consultation today.

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