Is a recent injury having adverse effects on your mobility? If you live in the Gravesend, Brooklyn area and are experiencing pain, it may be a good idea to consult with a physical therapist. Excel Physical Therapy works with a diverse set of clientele in Gravesend, Brooklyn and the surrounding areas. Our services are vast; whether you need pre-surgery rehabilitation or neuromuscular stabilization services, we have dedicated physical therapists and staff members to help optimize your recovery and healing.

About Gravesend, Brooklyn

Founded by Lady Deborah Moody, Gravesend is a neighborhood located in the south-central section of Brooklyn. Home to a population of over 29,000, Gravesend was one of the original towns in New Netherland’s Dutch colony. Its location on the southwestern edge of Long Island means Gravesend is bordered by Sheepshead Bay and Homecrest on the east, Bensonhurst on the north, Bath Beach on the west, and Coney Island on the south. The southern part of Gravesend is sometimes called White Sands.

Our Services in Gravesend, Brooklyn

  • Modalities and Manual Therapy in Gravesend, Brooklyn: If our patients' treatment plans involve stretching exercises, Excel Physical Therapy may utilize ultrasound technology to help warm deep muscles and improve blood flow; this allows for a deeper stretch and may improve both mobility and flexibility.
  • Orthopedic Rehabilitation in Gravesend, Brooklyn: Recovering from a recent surgery? Although staying active is a good way to restore one's overall functionality, performing strenuous exercises may cause patients to reinjure themselves. It is recommended that patients work with experienced orthopedic physical therapists to ensure a safe recovery process.
  • Pre-Surgery Rehabilitation in Gravesend, Brooklyn: Surgical procedures can have a significant impact on one's everyday life. Working with highly qualified physiotherapists for pre-surgery rehab services in Gravesend sets patients up for success.
  • Post-Surgery Rehabilitation in Gravesend, Brooklyn: Customized treatment plans are great for patients who have just come out of a major surgery. From soft tissue mobilization to pain and swelling control to safety awareness, Excel Physical Therapy works closely with patients to help them restore their independence after undergoing surgery.
  • Sports Injury in Gravesend, Brooklyn: Excel Physical Therapy understands that some patients cannot wait to get back on the track or sport that they love doing. Tennis elbow, rotator cuff tear, and hamstring strain are common sports related injuries that require proper care to avoid long-term consequences. Excel Physical Therapy works with athletes to ensure that they can safely return to the activities they enjoy.
  • Gait and Coordination and Balance Training in Gravesend, Brooklyn: Our physical therapists help individuals improve gait, balance, and coordination by getting the vision, vestibular system, ankle proprioception, and muscle strength in order.
  • Postural Re-Education in Gravesend, Brooklyn: Did you know that it is possible to retrain one's spinal and trunk muscles? Excel Physical Therapy helps patients improve their posture through a specific series of stretching and stability exercises.
  • Neuromuscular Stabilization in Gravesend, Brooklyn: If you are experiencing neck pain or lower back pain, Excel Physical Therapy is here to help. We specialize in innovative sports rehab techniques like neuromuscular stabilization to help with neck and back pain.
  • Vestibular Physical Therapy in Gravesend, Brooklyn: Traumatic brain injuries and multiple sclerosis are just a couple of causes of dizziness. Excel Physical Therapy performs vestibular physical therapy to help improve this condition.
  • Hand Therapy in Gravesend, Brooklyn: Hand physical therapists at Excel Physical Therapy work with patients to help them return to sports, activities, and optimal function as quickly as possible.

Why Should You Choose Excel Physical Therapy for Your Rehabilitation Needs in Gravesend, Brooklyn?

In addition to providing on-site physical therapy services, Excel Physical Therapy works with patients’ neurologists, primary care physicians, pain management doctors, and orthopedists to provide comprehensive care.

If you want to schedule an appointment with Excel Physical Therapy, feel free to call us at (718) 301-6363 or send an email to today.