Modalities and Manual Therapy

Modalities and Manual Therapy

The Therapeutic Modalities and Manual Therapy Techniques at Excel Physical Therapy offer treatment of pain for patients suffering from arthritis, after trauma or surgery, work or sports related overuse or diabetes.  The main focus of the program is to reduce pain and swelling, improve blood circulation, prepare injured area for stretching and exercises, release trigger points, facilitate healing and induce overall well-being and relaxation. Our signature treatment, a relaxing hot stone massage is patients’ favorite modality.

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About Our Modalities and Manual Therapy Services

Physical therapy modalities include TENS unit (electrical stimulation), EMS unit (electric muscle stimulation), ultrasound, heat and ice, laser and hot stone massage.  They are used alone or in combination. The following modalities are utilized in our office.

  1. TENS-TENS unit stimulates nerves and produces a massaging and tingling sensation to decrease pain.
  2. EMS unit- stimulates nerves and produces muscle contraction to increase muscle strength.
  3. Ultrasound-Ultrasound warms deep structures, improves blood flow and flexibility and allows for better stretching.
  4. Superficial heat or Ice- A hot compress warms superficial structures, decreases muscle spasm and increases blood flow. Ice- Cold pack decreases redness and swelling and slows down metabolism during acute pain and inflammation.
  5. Low Level Laser Therapy-Laser therapy increases blood flow, speeds up tissue repair and healing, decreases swelling and inflammation and enhances immune responses.
  6. Massage with Hot Stones- Massage with Hot Stones relaxes painful muscles and breaks down “knots” and restrictions. It has an overall soothing effect on the body, increases mood and improves wellbeing.


Manual therapy incorporates different techniques applied to soft tissues, muscles and joints to improve their flexibility, range of motion, tissue mobility and movement.  Treatment may include massage, joint mobilization, stretching, active, passive and resistive range of motion and manual cervical traction.

  1. Massage- Manual technique applied to muscles, joints and soft tissue to induce relaxation, improve circulation, and release restrictions and decrease pain.
  2. Joint mobilization- Manual therapy technique applied to joints at slow speed with or without oscillations to increase joint movement, restore AROM and decrease pain.
  3. Stretching-Stretching exercises are an important part of rehabilitation program, as they help to improve muscle flexibility, and joint range of motion, decrease risk of injuries, facilitate muscle efficiency and overall performance in physical and sports activities.
  4. Active, passive and resistive ROM-Range of motion exercises are applied to joints to move them through their physiological range. They are essential in restoring normal joint movement and function and to decrease pain.
  5. Manual Cervical Traction-Pulling force is applied to the neck while a patient is lying down. It is an effective technique which relaxes nerve ending, decreases pain going down to arms and hands, and improves neck mobility and soft tissue flexibility.

Benefits of Modalities and Manual Therapy Services

Physical therapy modalities and manual therapy techniques offer following benefits to our patients:

  • Reduce pain and swelling
  • Increase range of motion
  • Speed up recovery
  • Boost performance
  • Promote Relaxation
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Choose Excel Physical Therapy for Outstanding Modalities and Manual Therapy Services

We are a team of professionals with extensive knowledge of therapeutic modalities and manual techniques and years of experience treating musculoskeletal pain.  Our treatment plan is tailored towards each patient’s needs and goals.  Our office is equipped with the state of the art technology.  We are committed to providing the highest quality of care.

If you have any inquiries about our modalities and manual therapy services, don't hesitate to make an appointment with us today. You may call (718) 301-6363 or email us at