Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

Post-Surgery Rehabilitation

The Post-Surgery Rehabilitation at Excel Physical Therapy offers a comprehensive program for ACL repair, total knee replacement, total hip replacement, or arthroscopic surgery of knee, shoulder or ankle.  The main focus is to achieve the highest level of function to successfully return patients to work, sports or recreational activities.

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About Our Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Services

Physical therapy after an orthopedic surgery is a crucial step in overall recovery.  The goals are to decrease pain and inflammation, restore joint range of motion, increase muscle strength, endurance and flexibility and return patients back to their independence.

We take into consideration each patient’s needs and goals.  The initial visit begins with thorough examination followed by a customized treatment plan and home exercise program.  The progress is closely monitored on weekly basis. We educate patients on a variety of skills that will be important after surgery including safety awareness, proper use of brace, proper use of walker or cane at home and outside, proper transfer from bed to chair and from standing to sitting.  We use modalities such as ultrasound, laser, TENS unit and ice for pain and swelling control. We introduce manual therapy and soft tissue mobilization early in the program to increase range of motion and improve blood flow. We design progressive resistive exercises, balance and proprioception training according to patient’s abilities to help build muscle strength, endurance and stability.

Benefits of Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Services

  • One on one care
  • Faster results achieved
  • Close guidance throughout rehabilitation program
  • Hands on treatment
  • Ongoing communication with surgeon
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Choose Excel Physical Therapy for Outstanding Post-Surgery Rehabilitation Services

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