Patient Testimonials


I want to say thanks for all staff in this office.
I am getting physical therapy here not a first time and it always successful, because here work professional, kind and patient people! They are giving you so much attention, support and professionalism! Thank you very much!


Experienced and caring therapist. Very helpful and nice staff. Getting better was an extremely pleasant experience.

Svetlana F.

"I started going here in August. I’m recovering from a Stroke. This place and the people who work here are awesome. My primary therapist is Dr. Inna Kouperman(Owner) and I couldn't have asked for a better PT then her. She keeps my spirits high when I feel down like I would never get better. She is very patient. Not only does she works with me on every exercises to get better, but she taught me about what each one was for and what may be gained back.

"I highly recommend Dr. Inna Kouperman! She is committed to excellent therapy. She is very compassionate as we work through my course of therapy . The front office personnel and assistants in the center are very delightful!"


AMAZING PLACE, AMAZING PEOPLE,THEY ARE A HIGH PROFESSIONAL SPECIALISTS,WHO REALLY HELPING YOU BACK TO YOUR NORMAL LIFE .From the front desk to the doctor, everyone at this office makes you feel camfortable.I’m highly recommend them.


I had back lower surgery dr inna kouperman is best docter she doing best recover me and very cool staff I m very thankful excel physical therapy


Great service. Highly qualified and friendly staff. New building and clean office. Thank you for the good treatment in a pleasant atmosphere!


Very professional and knowledgeable doctor. Very responsible. Inna`s employees are always friendly, always helping, always here to help you.
It is really hard to find THE specialist who understands and helping you to solve and cure you - so Inna is an excellent doctor to persuade all the best in order to treat patient.


I have an excellent experience with Excel Physical Therapy. I’m driving a lot and that was a reason why I got a lower back pain. There doctor provides me professional service , she knew exactly what had to be done to fix my problem.And my pain disappeared after the first therapy session. And also there stuff was very friendly and they treated me well. So I can highly recommend this place to everyone.


My experience with Excel PT has been exceptional. Inna's excellence lies not just in her amazing knowledge but her patience, caring and personal attention to all of her clients. Also her optimistic perspective is very encouraging. The staff is very friendly and welcoming, the facility is new, clean and nicely equipped. Overall, I'm very impressed and feel I made the right choice in selecting Excel for my rehab and I would highly recommend Inna as an excellent physical therapist to everyone.


I've gone through a full course of PT with Dr. Inna Kouperman and she did a great job repairing me. I had lower back problem, disc bulge. Dr. Inna has very deep knowledge of her field, she is always researching and looking for the latest ways to help patients. She has a magic touch and she shares her heart with every patient. I felt like it was my sister helping me get better. Thank you, Doc! I would definitely recommend Dr. Inna to my friends and family. I'd trust her with my own kids for sure!


Fantastic service, very knowledgeable and professional. Her diagnosis was spot on and her treatment and advice really helped me post MVA. I highly recommend.


Nice customer service...Doctor tries best to help you


very nice place with professionals, great communication with patients, they are doing everything to make you feel comfortable and to make sure that you get all you need. I highly recommend this place.


I went to this place for my plantar fasciitis, I been suffering from for some time. Here is my review: Clean, professional, caring, attentive . I'm glad i chose this ofice. They really helped me. Highly recommend.


Great customer service. Experienced staff. Innovative equipment. Clean and peasant environment in overall.


The staff there is really friendly, and the office is very clean. The procedures work miracles! My knees were feeling much better only after a few weeks. It's been great coming to the appointments, and I would always look forward to the next ones. I would certainly recommend this to anyone who needs quick and efficient treatment.


INNA KOUPERMAN is a fantastic, kind hearted physical therapist. She knows exactly what she is doing. Inna listened very carefully to my concerns and answered all my questions. Clean office, friendly staff, professional environment. I highly recommend to everyone.


Inna Kouperman and her staff are very professionals. Since my first visit , they always treat me with kindness . The environment is very clean. She is well trained and educated and more efficiently is her work habits. She treats every patient with delicacy. I would definitely recommend her to anyone in need of a physical therapist .


A very knowledgeable, professional, carrying, patient, considerate and well educated professional Physical Therapist, Awesome therapists to work with. she care so much about her patients and do her best to aid patients in their recovery. I came in with a lot pain and she helped me to recover. I could already see a difference without pain and any type of sourness.


Inna is a great professional in her field. She feels where the problem is and takes care of it. I would recommend her to everyone that has pain and tense spots. Thank you so much.


I have been receiving physical therapy from Inna Kouperman and her staff for several weeks.
I find the office pleasant and the treatment that I have been receiving excellent. From the time I entered the office I was treated with respect. Appointments are on time.
The care I received has been right on point. I am getting better and the treatment is not cut short. My needs are taken care of each visit.
I highly recommend Inna Kouperman and her staff for any treatments you might require.


I’ve personally never been to a physical therapist before I’ve started going to Dr. Inna Kouperman. Coming here due to my ACL is nothing but enjoyment and relaxation. Every time I leave after my appointment I feel like a new person. She’s extremely talented and knowledgeable in her field and definitely loves her job. She’s humorous and and never boring to be around! I can now officially say I enjoy going to the doctor! I highly highly highly recommend Dr. Inna Kouperman for physical therapy, no matter what age you are.


best best best physical therapy ever done! i have tried many physical therapy places but this one has no comparison. therapist is very friendly, caring and hard working. she really listens and understands and give her best to releive the pain. she has alot of different techniques to apply which gives you best results. i would definately recommend this place to all my loved ones.


Inna Kouperman is not only a professional doctor (I have a lot of experience with other physical therapies) also looks like she has the gift to heal, it means she is a real doctor, she feels exactly the right place to put pressure on. My neck ached and I could only sleep on one side, after physical therapy (I visited in May, June, November, December) I feel much better and sleep normally on two sides. Also, the staff of this physical therapy office is professional and very polite. Thank you!


I have been coming for 1 month. When I 1st came I could not even walk a block without having to stop because my legs, back & feet were killing me. I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet going to my calves as well. I have been having tens unit & hot stone therapy on my feet & calves and it is FANTASTIC. I have also been doing the bicycle (started at 5 minutes and now I can do 15 minutes) and balance & stretching for my calves & thighs. Inna is a MIRACLE WORKER. Last week after I left her office, i went walking from Brighton 3rd St. to 1 block short of Coney Island Ave. Then I turned down the block to Brighton Beach Ave. I walked all the way down to Brighton 1st St. without any PAIN or TROUBLE WITH MY FEET. Inna Kouperman Of EXCEL PHYSICAL THERAPY is the ABSOLUTE BEST and I RECOMMEND HER HIGHLY.. I can't wait to see what the next months progress brings !!!!!


I want to thank Dr. Inna for her high professionalism and knowledge of her business. as well as an individual approach and a pleasant attitude towards patients. All the staff who work at EXCEL Physical Therapy are very nice people. professionals who are sincerely ready to help every patient. I turned to the doctor with severe back pain. who have not left me for more than 2 months. Before I went to Dr. Inna, I went to many doctors and underwent physiotherapy in several offices, as a result, all my treatment did not help me. on the contrary, exacerbated my condition. When I contacted the doctor, certain procedures were prescribed to me. after undergoing three such procedures, my back pain disappeared. Rafik conducted the procedures with me - this is a man with golden hands. in just a few procedures that he performed, my condition improved. I want to recommend EXCEL Physical Therapy and Dr. Innu are professionals with a capital letter !!!!


good atmosphere, nice, friendly staff. Nice and clean office, good equipment, always in time, very professional people. I recommend to use this office. Emil Levykh


Dr. Inna Kouperman is really knowledgeable, helpful specialist. I had bulging disc, pain was going to my leg, Dr. Kouperman helped me to feel better and walk normal again. She is dedicated to her work, definitely recommend her!


Dr Kouperman , helped my shoulder and back , she took her time to explain , my symptoms to me and really cared . I had 10 treatments and I feel great, she is honest and professional ,I highly recommend her


this place has helped me so much , i came in a month ago with really bad neck pain and now i'm feeling way better. Inna has magical hands!


Inna is just a know it all physical therapist, from my knee to my shoulder injury, she was able to help me heal my injuries. She takes her time and every time there is a different type of excercise or massage applied to the injured area. Can't say enough good things about her staff especially coming from different places like One n One where they do dverything repeatedly and nothing gets done.


Thank you, Dr. Inna. You saved me from the terrible pain that tortured me for more than a year. As it turned out, the most important thing in case of a disease is to find a doctor who will choose the right treatment for you. I wish you success in everything!


Very friendly staff and professional!


Very neat place, modern equipment and good service.


Very friendly staff and professional!


Very neat place, modern equipment and good service.


Really friendly staff, a nice environment, it feels really comfortable to be there!


With your light hand, it became easier for me to live, thanks, doctor.