Starting Physical Therapy After a Fracture?

Fractures are difficult to recover from, but physical therapy is an effective way to help. The right kind of physical therapy can help you recover faster by regaining strength, range of motion and mobility. Fractures require immediate medical attention to ensure that the bone heals properly and reverts to its original alignment. Physical therapy is the best solution for helping the body recover in the shortest amount of time possible.

Seeing a Physical Therapist in the Hospital

Some people see physical therapists in the hospital after they fracture a bone. If the fractured area is on the ankle or leg, a physical therapist will teach you how to use an assistive device like crutches or a cane to make moving around easier and less painful. The therapist will also teach you basic movements how to safely walk up and down stars, or how to get in and out of a car without reinjuring yourself.

Doctors typically tell patients to limit the amount of weight they put on an injured leg after a fracture. Your physical therapist can teach you how to move despite these limitations. Fracturing another part of the body like the arm, however, will result in a different kind of physical therapy. In the event that you fracture your arm, your physical therapy will work with you on practical things like putting on and taking off your sling.

Seeing a Physical Therapist at Home

Physical therapists also make home visits to help patients recover from fractures. Home care physical therapy is usually given to those who have trouble leaving their houses due to their injury. A home physical therapist will teach you how to use your crutch or cane at home; the therapist will also teach you exercises to build strength and endurance so you can have a better recovery. If your doctor has imposed weight-bearing restrictions on you due to your injury, your physical therapist will help you work around those restrictions within the home environment. This will make it easier for you to carry on with your normal day to day activities.

Home physical therapists also evaluate the home environment and make suggestions on how it might be altered for your benefit. For example, they may advise that you move around certain furniture to make moving around your house easier.

Seeing a Physical Therapist in a Clinic

Once you are well enough to travel outside your house, you may want to go to a physical therapy clinic. This usually occurs after a cast has been removed. Going to a physical therapy clinic is often a sign that you can start gently moving around the fracture and that you are starting to recover.

Visiting a physical therapy clinic involves an assessment and evaluation, during which physical therapists will likely take measurements around the site of the fracture. After this, your physical therapist will develop a treatment plan to promote faster recovery. This plan often includes exercises to help regain strength and increase functional mobility after your cast has been removed.

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