Postural Re-Education

Postural Re-Education

Posture is a vital component of one's health, overall balance and wellness. It is needed to maintain any individual's muscular and spinal health. Whether you have a physical labor or desk job, you inevitably put extra load on the spine. That is why Excel Physical Therapy offers postural re-education services to help unload the spine and prevent abnormal motion. Our team will also retrain our customers' spinal and trunk muscles through a variety of stretching and stability exercises.

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About Our Postural Re-Education Services

In order to maintain the spine in an upright symmetrical position, good posture is needed. The pelvis, neck, head, spine and limbs should remain symmetrical when one walks, stands or performs other types of movement. It is important to note that posture is not only a position, but a dynamic pattern of reflexes that set us up for repetitive motion. By keeping your bones, ligaments, and muscles in position, proper posture helps prevent pain, relieve stress, and decrease wear and tear of joints. Furthermore, it allows you to breathe better and avoid passive muscle tightness or stiffness.

At Excel Physical Therapy, we utilize special equipment such as Arthrostim to increase our patients' spinal joint and muscle mobility. Arthrostim is a handheld device that aids chiropractors in performing adjustments. As the instrument delivers 12 to 14 incremental thrusts per second, the force is stronger than a typical single thrust administered by a chiropractor. In addition to increasing the effectiveness of the treatment, Arthrostim increases comfort for the patient as well.

Benefits of Postural Re-Education at Excel Physical Therapy

Key benefits of facilitating postural re-education through ArthroStim include decreasing back pain and retraining the patient's muscles. Because of the instrument's versatility, therapists will use it to treat a wide variety of conditions and ailments. Individuals who may benefit from the use of the ArthroStim Instrument include:

  • Elderly individuals
  • Individuals who need to "adjust" their extremeties
  • Individuals who suffer from neck pain
  • Individuals who are not suited for chiropractic adjustments and manipulation
  • Sensitive individuals
  • Individuals who suffer from extreme or acute pain
  • Young children
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